All donations go directly to improving the server along with making sure UPG can provide a flawless DayZ exprience for everyone for the foreseeable future. Press the button below to be prompted to donate.

Priority Queue


This gives you the ability to skip the queue and jump to the front of the loading in process whenever there is one present. For example when the server restarts and everyone is joining back in. This is for a 1 month period. Works on all Servers.

Custom Clan Tag Color


The patch will be able to presented on most peices of clothing in the game and will be fully customized to your liking! The group tag that is presented in front of your name can be customized to any color that you want. This will last for as long as the group exists.



This grants you a gold VIP tag in game and in our discord. It also comes with priority support that will be accessible in discord. Priority support includes a chat that is for all VIPs and comes with access to tickets that are prioritized over standard ones. Includes 2 month Priority Queue. This is a 2 month purchase.

New Addition: 2 Months of Priority Queue Included!

Premade Clan Outfits



First come first serve, all 4 clan outfits are currently available.

New!: Available Now! | 1. Duckies | 2. Black Smiley | 3. Pineapple | 4. Yellow Smiley |


Custom Clan Outfit


This gives you the ability to import a custom scheme to 6 different pieces of clothing (Boots, Pants, Gloves, Shirt, Vest & Helmet).


Premium Clan Package


This gives you access to a custom clan outfit, a custom group clan tag color, custom clan patch & 1 month priority. (1 month priority is for purchasers only)


Thank you!

Donations help keep UPG up and running, thank you for contributing to the community.

Please open a donation ticket in discord if you purcahsed a item.