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About Us

About Us

UPG was established in 2014 and focused on Arma 2 Epoch and Arma 3 Exile until 2016. We are making a comeback into the DayZ scene with a Chernarus PVP server. We look to apply the feel of epoch and exile into our server while also making it unique in comparison to all other servers. We hope you enjoy your experience on our server and if you have any questions or concerns please contact us on our discord.


What to look forward to in UPG


The whole UPG staff team runs with one idea in mind and that is to provide our players with the best possible experience when on our server. Our dedicated developers look to improve every aspect. While our admin team makes sure our players are safe and supported when needed.

Custom Mapping

Every map in DayZ is amazing in its own way, though UPG understands that it doesn’t have to stop there. We build custom areas that are one of a kind for our servers to make your experience that more special when you are with us.

In House Development

The UPG Development team has spent hundreds of hours dedicated to providing our servers with the best possible content available. Some which are only available here on UPG.

Balanced Economy

Whether it be the loot economy or the trader economy UPG has dedicated to making sure loot and the traders are in a perfect standing. Making sure that our players are able to experience the moment when finding a very rare item while also providing a balanced financial economy.

Weekly Events

The thrill of DayZ is one of a kind, though when a community comes together for an event it is something beyond DayZ. We love to host weekly events to bring our community together and give our players the chance for rare prizes and unforgettable moments.

We Listen

Our players' voices are what mean the most to us. We make sure to keep our ears open and give our players what they want. We hold polls on specific topics to make sure everyone's voice is heard.

99.99% Uptime

We guarantee our servers will be up 99.99% of the time. We pay for only high end dedicated servers to make sure our players get the best possible DayZ experience.

Open Community

Everyone is welcome in UPG. We greet every single person with open arms no matter what. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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