Server Rules


Server Rules

No use of racist, derogatory, homophobic, defamatory, harassful, hateful, threatening, obscene, speech/text.

No cheating

No Glitching/Exploiting of in-game mechanics or objects.

No Combat logging within 20 minutes of combat

No Meta gaming or Stream sniping

No Disrespecting staff

English only in Global Chat

Toxicity in chat can be punished by ban or kick, please keep UPG fun and open for all!

Building Rules

No building within 2000m of: TOXIC ZONES

No building within 1000m of: ALL TRADERS & BIG MILITARY AREAS

No building within a overlook or direct eyesight of all Military

No building on or over roads & police stations

Max 1 Flag pole per group

Max of 4 Levels High, 2 levels if building on top of a existing structure (height of a wall is 1 level)

Max 25 storage containers per base

Max 15 doors per base (garage doors includes in the main doors)

No door stacking

No placing storage inside of tents or tent stacking

No floating bases (Bases with more than 1 floor unsupported over hang are classed as floating)

Base must be raidable without any vehicle - (No blocking of any entry points, everything within the base must be reachable by a raid.)

No placing storage inside of tents or tent stacking

No barbed wire inside bases

Max of 5 UPG Jumbo Safes per group

Raiding Rules

No boosting with any objects(Vehicles are allowed and not considered objects)

No griefing before, during or after a raid

Raids have a max of 8 players and max of 2 teams (Joining another team just for a raid and leaving after is not allowed)

No Building during a Raid

Raiding on weekends only, Saturday 12pm (noon) to Sunday 11:59pm.

It is RECOMENDED that you record your raid(s)

Raiding is defined as using C4 to blow open doors, everything else is fair game.

Safezone Rules

No stealing or scamming

No leaving vehicles (they will despawn or get deleted)

No using safezone to avoid combat

No camping safezone

No abuse of voice chat

No following players out of safezone

No planting or burying items

Group Rules

Max 1 Heli per group

Max 2 Cars per group

Max 8 people per group

No more then 8 people Roaming together at once

No sharing of bases between groups (access to base)


Do not constantly change your name in-game. Admins will be responsible for deciding what constitutes too much.


Proof must be provided for any compensation. Do not create a ticket without any proof about the matter.


Ban appeals can be dealt with through our discord. Or our support email -


Staff can request any player to record kills/playtime on the server at anytime for any period of time

Despawn Rate

A Car must be covered with a camo net (car cover) to prevent it from despawning. Vehicle which are not covered will despawn within 1 day.

A Helicopter must be kept in the radius of your flag if you are not going to interact with it for 2 days. If you do not interact with a heli and it is not in your flag radius and it has been 2 days, the heli will despawn.

The same goes for storage and building items. Your flag must be raised at all times to prevent despawning.


You are not allowed to disconnect inside the bunker. If a restart happens and you are inside the bunker do not gather any items from the crates and have an admin TP you out.

- By playing on UPG, you agree to our rules and give consent to ourselves, and other players, to record you and, where necessary, use that media at our discretion. UPG Server rules are subject to change and/or editing at any time. Admins, Senior Admins, Head Admins and the Owners reserve the right to handle situations on a case-by-case basis.